SOTA Instruments

SOTA products were created with you in mind: The Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser, Water Ozonator, Bio Tuner, LightWorks and YumaLite offer the benefits of micropulsing, colloidal silver, pulsed magnetic fields, ozonated water, harmonic frequencies and light for general health and well-being.

Each of the SOTA products is an easy-to-use consumer product for personal use. When you use a SOTA product, you can be confident you’re using a quality product made in a responsible and ethical manner, and that you will always be treated with gratitude and respect.

SOTA began in early 1996. Since then, their caring customers have helped them to introduce simple technologies for wellness to people in countries around the world. We are grateful for, and highly value, the encouraging phone calls and letters sharing how Sota units have helped.

Each unit is designed to work with the body’s natural electricity for general health, well-being, and relaxation. The units work in concert with one another.

With your valuable feedback and help, Sota will continue to serve others. They are committed to bringing exceptional service and the highest quality products at an affordable price.